Frequently asked questions

Is there parking?

No, we do not have a private lot. There is street parking all around the block or you can park in a pay lot. We do have 1 space in the alley behind the store, but that is only a temporary spot for cake pick-ups.

How do I order food/drinks, is there table service?

Our deli provides Counter Service, which means we’d like you to order your items, pay for them and then sit where ever you like. For more detailed instructions see our “How It Works” page.

I had this cake at a party, it had lots of fruit on it, but I don’t know the name. Which cake is it?

You’re probably wanting our Signature cake: The Spring Fling. It’s made with zucchini bread, cream cheese frosting, and fresh fruit in between the layers and arranged on top.

How much time do you need to order a cake?

For the Spring Fling cake we can usually make one with just 1 days’ notice, but on busy weekends and holidays we would appreciate 2 or more days. Some of the other flavors of cakes and pastries need 2 days minimum notice in order for the cake to cool or set up before we can decorate it.

*We ALWAYS recommend picking up and eating your cake the same day it’s made-ESPECIALLY for the Spring Fling. We don’t use preservatives in our cakes, so they last only as long as something you would make at home. With all that fresh fruit next to cream cheese frosting with sugar in it, they will start to break down (just like if you put a spoonful of sugar on fresh fruit and left it for a day, it starts creating its own syrup.) Other flavors like chocolate will last a bit longer.

Where do I go to pick up my cake?

Cakes are to be picked up at the Deli Cashier. After entering the front doors, go up the 5 steps and take a right. Tell the person the name and/or phone number that your order was placed under and they’ll get it for you.

Do you ship your cakes?

Sadly, no.  Because of the delicate nature of our cakes it is not possible for us to guarantee they’ll arrive at your door the way we intend, so we cannot ship them to you.

Do you have ready made cakes available?

Typically no, we really need you to place an order for a whole cake ahead of time-so it can be made fresh for you.  On occasion we’ll have a whole cake in our pastry case that hasn’t had a slice cut out of it yet, but it’s never something you should count on.  If you want/need a whole cake you’ll need to call us ahead of time and order one.

*This ESPECIALLY goes for our signature cake, the Spring Fling.  Because it’s made with fresh fruit, cream cheese frosting and is time consuming to make, we can’t just make up a bunch to have on hand and hope that we sell them all.  It isn’t cost productive.  Please call us to place your order for one.