Get your morning caffeine fix, afternoon tea, or after dinner sweet.

We feature any number of coffee drinks; lattes, cappuccino, iced Toddy, as well as a variety of over 70 teas by the cup, hot cocoa, house made lemonade, Chai, and Cider (usually Oct thru March) 30+ flavors of Italian Sodas, Egg Creams, and fresh squeezed Carrot Juice.

We also have a house recipe for Bloody Mary’s and serve Mimosa’s with 100% Orange Juice.

In addition to your morning coffee we offer a number of house made pastries.

  • Muffins — Sour Cream Walnut, Chocolate Chip, Raisin or Blueberry Bran
  • Scones — Raisin, Chocolate Chip, Butterscotch Chip
  • Turnovers — Apple Nut, Blueberry cheese
  • Croissants — Plain, Almond, Chocolate Chip
  • Biscotti — Butterscotch Chip, Almond, Chocolate Chip
  • Danish — Cinnamon, Cheese, Fruit
  • Breads — Banana, Orange, Coffee Cake, Blueberry
  • Just to name a few!

Hot Toddy Menu

In 2006 we obtained a liquor license and created a Hot Toddy Menu featuring 13 delicious drinks to take the chill off and get cozy with.

  • Black Buttered Rum — Rum, black tea, spices and butter
  • Café Dublin — Coffee with Bailey’s
  • Café Royale — Brandy, coffee, sugar and cream
  • Hot Caramel Apple — Whiskey, apple cider and caramel sauce
  • Caramel Apple Coffee — Whiskey, caramel sauce, apple syrup and coffee
  • Grog — Rum, hot water, lemon and spices
  • *Cider Grog— Apple cider in place of hot water
  • Hot Toddy — Whiskey, water, lemon and sugar
  • Irish Coffee — Traditional Irish drink with Irish whisky, coffee, sugar and whipped cream
  • Mudslide Latte or Mocha — Espresso, hot milk and Bailey’s
  • Mulled Lemonade — Rum, hot lemonade, and spices
  • Night Cap — Rum or Brandy, with hot milk and spices
  • Snow Bunny — a Café Mocha Mint with Peppermint Schnapps