How It Works

The layout of the store goes like this: the entry is the lower level, here you’ll find the Espresso Bar where we have fresh made coffees, espresso drinks, home brewed Toddy Style iced coffee, house made Lemonade and Spiced Chai, as well as around 60 teas by the cup.  Also we have a variety of breakfast pastries including muffins, Danish, croissants, sweet breads and a few other tasty treats.

Walk up the steps (5 of them) and you’ll enter the “Upstairs” where you can find a fully stocked Deli with sandwiches made to order, hot food made from scratch daily, an assortment of cold salads, a variety of candies and chocolates, plenty of cold drinks including wine and beer by the glass or bottle, pastries, cakes and ice cream, gourmet groceries and most of the seating.

It’s set up in a roundabout, square circle.  We suggest a walk around the whole thing for first timers to take it all in.  Head straight back from the entrance and up the steps; on the left side of the deli you’ll find our Sandwich Menu hanging on the wall, which includes Hot and Cold sandwiches each made to order.

Hang a right at the top of the steps and walk around to the right side you’ll see a couple of salad cases and a hot case in the middle.  Here you’ll find some hot, savory pockets, a breakfast menu, a list of our soups in the center of the case, and a slew of hot food items to choose from.  A bit further back on this side is a salad bar (you’ll get the container from the cashier first).

The basic principle is to order where you see what you want, there are wooden signs hanging from the ceiling that tell you where to stand to order.  Then we’ll prepare your food and send it up to the cashier at the front of the deli.  Grab a drink from the coolers if you like and any odds and ends and bring them with you to the register to pay-the food meets you there hot and fresh.  Then just find a seat and enjoy! (Tips on Cards: if you pay with your credit card and would like to add a tip, please tell your cashier before they swipe the card as to how much-thanks!)

Anything else you need is just a simple question a way,don’t be afraid to ask.  A word to the wise-we tend to hide everything right out in the open so take a good look around.  Please see the Store layout map for further visual instructions.